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i am not smart enough to explain how an ai program can generate images so i won't even try, so if you were hoping to learn something from me, i am so sorry. but this video gaves a really nice explanation and examples. i do not have access to dall e 2 unfortunately lol and i am very jealous if you do. so i'm working with what i do have, which is the free browser-based generater called craiyon (formerly known as dall-e mini) and a midjourney beta subscription.

dall-e 2

i FINALLY got access to dall-e 2! i have used almost all of my first 50 free credits lol. i'm trying to only use it when i have a good idea or when i know an old prompt i've tried on another ai image generator will work well in dall-e. dall-e is very literal and very powerful. i havent done any celebrities or known figures at all, i have been sticking to cartoonish ideas or vibe-y photograph like images. i have learned that defining every bit of the picture you want is best. it doesn't do much interpreting at all.


i love craiyon, i am obsessed with it, just as the entire world was/is, especially after markiplier's video. it is very good at, what i call, "putting guys in situations". you can ask for chun-li versus hulk hogan and it will deliver. it also, i think, knows a lot of art styles and artists. so you can ask for jeff goldblum in the style of suzanne valadon, and it will deliver. when you ask for something a little less literal, it will lean cartoon-y, simple and illustrative, like pastel rainbow shiba inu. i open this website so much, probably every day, just typing in whatever popped into my head that i think would be cute or funny. the example images below were generated with craiyon:


this is a really fun one to have access to. midjourney leans more artistic, interpretive, and detailed. this makes sense, as it is a paid subscription after you use your free credits. and it is worth every penny. you can also ask it for pastel shiba inu, and it will give you dreamy images of puppies full of life. you can simply put 'universe orb' and hot damn, it puts a universe in an orb. you can simply state fairies sleep here, and it will imagine perfectly where fairies sleep. my brother and i have noticed the strength with midjourney is conceputal vagueness. my brother has also noticed it is very good at movie posters, war posters, and album art. i might post some of his images with his permission some day.

image gallery

images made with dall-e 2

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images made with dall-e mini

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images made with craiyon

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images made with midjourney, pre july update

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images made with midjourney, after the update and after i bought the subscription

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