thoughts page

DIFFERENT from my blog page ok!! they're short form and undated lest i ground myself in time and place

thought 14

memes that are like "welcome to being an adult you are excited about a new air fryer" or whatever are like, ok kinda funny to the right millenial i suppose, but i always compare my excitement for things in adulthood to my excitement for finger painting as a 6 year old. like... i would rather be fingerpainting with my friends than using a cheap countertop convection oven to eat kfc leftovers.

thought 13

i hate when ppl look at my kids and say "omg they're gonna be so blahblah when they're older!" because, they already are? if you spend so much time saying how they will be, when there are so many things they already are, you're going to be sad when you notice they're a bit older and you wonder when did they become? they've been all along!!

thought 12

i just rediscovered that new years day is on a sunday in 2023 which is one of my favorite things, a new year on the first day of a new week. (i realize other people see other days as the first day of the week lol)

thought 11

people who say they "have no pronouns" (like, oppositional ppl) must have had them stolen by a fairy. fools, uneducated about the consequences of interacting with the dark fae

thought 10

i have discovered that when i am reading a long wall of text and i start to skim it too much, if i read it in a robot voice i slow down and actually take in the information lol like i'm actively downloading the words to my brain

thought 9

very frustrating every time i take photo of a large cloud it looks small in the picture

thought 8

working on my website has made me use my computer like a computer again. i browse folders and save images and use programs. this is how it's supposed to be and it's nice. my laptop isn't just an internet machine any more, it's more like an over-flowing side table, an organized mess of things to dig through as i please

thought 7

peak comedy: interjecting a conversation with "unrelated, but-" when you bring up a clearly related topic OR a comedically unrelated one. second form of peak comedy, changing subject with "speaking of [completely random phrase or word just used]-"

thought 6

mars argo calling her web video series 'computer show' is the cutest and most perfect thing ever. i'm sorry the word vlog doesnt cut it, mars argo set the bar with computer show

thought 5

i couldn't be a model because i would make this face :D the entire walk down the runway. also i'm shortish and pigeon toed but mostly the :D thing

thought 4

if even one review on the back of a book describes it as a romp i refuse to read it. ROMP?? no absoutely not.

thought 3

a lot of people's sites say "my corner of the web", which is a lot of corners; if you were to use each 'corner' as a vertex in a 3d object, it would be a sphere shape, representing of course the WORLD wide web :p

thought 2

it is very satisfying to wrote emoticons without them becoming emojis :D :p c: >;[ :|

thought 1

i daydream of frolicking through tall, long flower and grass fields but i don't think i actually would simply because of the threat of ticks