what is somewhere nowhere?

somewhere nowhere is the feeling i get when i don't know where i am physically. i may know that i'm in a house, who i'm with, what city i'm in, but i can't point out where i am on a map. i have come to love this feeling, and i have no idea if other people feel it too. i think maybe they do with the whole, liminal spaces and backrooms memes. those kind of give me somewhere nowhere feelings, but my somewhere nowhere "places" aren't spooky. my somewhere nowhere places are familiar, or maybe a bit fictional, or simply somewhere i ended up because i fell asleep in the car.

earliest somewhere nowhere

my earliest somewhere nowhere memory was when i was little and we lived in a trailer park; our trailer was at the sort of "apex" of the cul-de-sac, and behind our trailer was a large grassy field. in my memory, i may be technically wrong, but in my memory, there were no buildings on the skyline, maybe a few trees, and the sky felt huge. i remember thinking, our house is the last house on the whole planet. if someone visited every single house, they'd see us last. we'd go out and fly kites in that field and even tho i could turn and see my house, i felt somewhere nowhere. to this day i haven't asked my parents where that was or if there was as huge of a field as i was remembering, because i don't want to blemish my first somewhere nowhere memory.

other memorable somewhere nowhere "places"

♡ staying a night over at my dad's friend's house (i think it was my dad's friend, i may be wrong but again if i were to ask, then that tarnishes the feeling), we got there when it was dark and they woke me up before taking me inside. i wore my dad's friend's son's (stay with me here lol) clothes as pajamas before going to bed, and i barely remember leaving but it was also dark when we left.

♡ spending a day at my mom's friend's house, it was probably late afternoon but still bright outside and i played in the entryway by her kitchen (i think). the sun shone so bright on the linoleum, it was more day time inside that it was outside. i played with some toys, happily sitting in that one spot, until it was time to go.

♡ anytime i visit someone in a new area of even my own city, i get somewhere nowhere, even if only briefly. i have no idea if i have mentioned this on my site yet, but i don't drive. i might talk more about that another time but yea, i don't drive. being familiar with roads and allyways and state routes isn't something i do except for the places i lived the longest. so when we hit the highway, i become less and less tethered to where we are. so, when i went to my friend's house via school bus to the other side of town, i had a major dose of somewhere nowhere. i didn't have a term for it then. i remember telling her "the air feels different here" and she thought that was silly to say because i, in reality, was only a 30 minute drive from home.

♡ honorable mention is when my brother moved, i felt it again. until i was navigator on the way home and google maps placed me on the map. short lived but that's when i started to recognize the feeling.

images that give somewhere nowhere

ok, the moment we've all been waiting for, here are some pictures i found on the internet that make me feel somewhere nowhere when i am particularly longing for the feeling. some make me feel somewhere nowhere more than others, and some remind me of dreams i had (most of my dreams are somewhere nowhere). quite a few of these i have googled where the photo was taken, but it didn't ruin the feeling lol. if you see a picture of yours, i will take it down upon request!