"snow" is what i'll be calling my husband, it's part of a lot of his usernames. we have been together since high school. we became engaged in 2017, and married 2018. he is the dad of my babies. our babies lol. i love him very much and this is a page all about him. he has no interest in making his own homepage so someone has to!

snow is a head-in-the-clouds dreamer boy. he is 29, an aquarius, and his favorite color is green. he's a bit of a sleepy head, he loves to eat, and he spends most of his free time playing video games. he prefers winter over summer, tv over books, and being indoors over being outdoors. he hates the rain but i have seen him watch the rain from a window like he's in a music video more than once. he has more siblings than me, but a smaller family over all. he loves being a dad and sharing his interests with our babies. he's a hard worker and makes it so i can be a stay at home mom.

favorite games

snow loves video games. who fucking doesn't lmao. there are some games he has played for so long that it is a core part of his identity.

♡ runescape - he has been playing since 2004. i heavily associate this game with snow because he plays it the hardest out of anyone i know. he likes to do quests, use the grand exchange, and grind skills. i'm working from memory here about his favorite aspects so if those are silly things to list, just know i'm doing my best here lol.

♡ pokemon - i think he was born with a nintendo in his hand with a pokemon cartridge inside. he knows so much about pokemon, especially the first 150. he knows a lot about the battle mechanics, items, and abilities. usually of the top of his head. his favorite pokemon is dragonair. i have played a few pokemon games due to his influence, and no matter where i'm at in the game, no matter who is on my team, he can guide me without looking at my screen. he knows a lot of the evolutions, regions, and most shockingly to me, knows how to play the trading card game. he is the ONLY person i have ever met that knows how to play the actual trading card game. this gives me a massive boner.

♡ league of legends - snow plays this game i think every day. i can tell when he's playing by the pattern of clicking and keyboard hyper-tapping. he takes every game very seriously. every action he takes is jay z lmaothan anyone, but i will disclaim i am heavily biased. my favorite thing to do is, whenever he plays with someone new, i ask if they're good at league, and he spills all the tea.

♡ kingdom hearts - now he's not like a huge disney fan, but he loves this game. anytime we watch a disney movie, he will tell me which plot points are also present in the kingdom hearts games. he also unironically listens to the soundtrack songs.

♡ digimon world 3 - i know very little about this game except that snow has gone through amazing lengths to be able to play this game. he will spend hours messing with an emulator just to get it to work. apparently there's some type of save bug that occurs, and it makes it hard for him to play through it entirely. he in general loves digimon, the cartoon, the game, the digimons. his favorite is motimon. if i even accidentally mention digimon, he will go into a rant about evolutions. and they are ridiculous and i listen captivated each time. snow also loves the movie, and quotes it so often that i think he could recount the entire movie by memory.

♡ hollow knight - he started playing this after he saw me watching one of my favorite youtubers (lorgon111) play this game. we agreed it looked like a fun game. his first play through was a wild ride. he went a little out of "order" (not a strict order in this game but ya know) and i was googling things trying to help him. i have no idea how many times he has played this all the way through, but it is an unreasonable amount if you ask me. he is patiently waiting for the next game, silksong to be released.

♡ minecraft - this game became popular about a year after we started dating, so this is another game i heavily associate with snow. i started playing beta 1.4 and he started playing sooner. he likes to roam, build maps, and rarely ever settle into one base. he's very good at getting out of tunnels and caves. when i play, i lose myself underground, hand the mouse to him, and he will rescue me without even having to dig straight up. this gives me a massive boner.

♡ urban rivals - i know practically nothing about this game but he used to play daily.

♡ final fantasy tactic games - this is another game i don't know a lot about, but he likes it so it made that list.

♡ marvel contest of champions - a mobile game where superheroes are for some reason pitted up against each other. he has spent a lot of money and hours in this game, tho his interest waxes and wanes for it more than the other games. he loves marvel in general and he plays this game with one his best friends.

♡ binding of isaac - i am pretty sure he is still playing through this now, i might be mistaken but he is attempting to 100% the game and the achievements. this game slightly disturbs me, not bad, but just enough that i don't watch him play. but i can also tell when he is playing it from his clicking and keyboard tapping pattern.

♡ amongus - snow is apparently really good at this game. i don't know what his technique is, but he is very good at convincing everyone he is not the imposter.

favorite music

snow enjoys a good range of music. some a little cheesy, maybe. but that's ok. like many people it's hard to pinpoint his exact tastes in genre, so here's a list of his favorites people and groups:

♡ owl city - this is probably his number one, and we bonded over listening to his music at the beginning of our relationship. i walked down the aisle to be married to snow to an owl city song.

♡ eminem - snow thinks he is a very good lyricist and writer. he likes to watch people break down his music and react to it for the first time on youtube.

♡ yellowcard - i didn't know this band had more than one song until snow showed me more lol. he likes the electric violin in their music.

♡ lil wayne - snow appreciates lil wayne's clever bars and has told me on many occasions that he freestyles a lot of his songs, so i think he appreciates that about him too.

♡ jay z - he likes jay z lmao

♡ old kanye - snow prefers kanye's older music, especially from the album college dropout.

♡ rascal flatts - snow could hear a 3 second snippet of any of their songs from another room and recognize it as rascal flatts.

♡ kendrick lamar - we both really enjoy kendrick's music, snow especially likes the heart part IV.

♡ florence and the machine - i listened to florence and influenced snow to as well, the funny thing is i don't listen to lyrics in music and never grasped the meaning of her music, while snow picked up on them immediately and filled me in on their meanings. this gives me a massive boner.

♡ vanessa carlton - in his words, "i love her stuff"

♡ lindsey sterling - snow listens to her music with our daughter and they bond through it.

♡ kerli - i introduced kerli to him and he loves her just as much as i do, maybe more.

♡ nicki minaj - in his own words, "i really like her videos". me too babe. once we made a playlist for a two hour drive, both seperately adding songs without telling each other what we added. we both added so many nicki songs that we dubbed it the nicki playlist.

♡ 21 pilots - honorable mention

♡ imagine dragons - honorable mention

favorite shows and movies

snow has a big giant soft heart and loves characters and plotlines and settings. he will give a show 3 episodes to decide if he wants to continue watching.

♡ avatar the last airbender - snow watched this show in his childhood and continues to rewatch it to this day. he had me watch it, and i also really enjoyed it, but i can tell that snow connects with this show on a deeper level. he knows every season and episode, plot and subplot, main and side character. he also enjoyed legend of korra.

♡ attack on titan - snow's favorite episode of this show is season 3 episode 11, bystander. his favorite character is keith.

♡ game of thrones - snow really loves this show, although like many he did not appreciate the final season.

♡ lost - snow rarely falls in love with a show from the first episode, but he did with this show. he regrets not watching it while it was on tv.

♡ heroes - snow and i agree that this show unfortunately falls off after a couple seasons, but he does still really like it.

♡ steven universe - i showed snow this one and he loves it just as much as i do. we really connect to it and love talking about the characters, and used to spend time theorizing.

♡ the office - snow and i spent a lot of our formative dating years watching this show on his laptop. i enjoy the office ten times more watching it with him. snow and i quote jokes from this show pretty often.

♡ always sunny - i showed this show to him, and i was worried he would think it was dumb and chaotic (which it is lmao) but he ended up really enjoying it.

♡ futurama - we are currently watching this together and are getting through the 10th season. snow loves to watch me react to the different plots and themes, because it is my first watch through, though i watched it quite a bit with my dad growing up.

♡ brooklyn 99 - honorable mention

♡ the MCU - snow loves marvel in general, and keeps up with the MCU. he also somehow knows about the comics and other characters rarely mentioned in the MCU, even tho i have never seen him read a comic. this air of mystery around how he has magically downloaded extensive marvel knowledge to his brain makes me love him more.

♡ the lion king - this is snow's favorite animated disney movie. i think he knows the entire script.

♡ avatar - (the blue people) in his own words "in 3D at the cinema only". watching it on a regular tv makes it a boring movie.

♡ a goofy movie - honorable mention

favorite foods

last night we ranked food, sex, and sleep. food is his number one, then sleep, then sex. (mine is sleep, food, then sex lol).

♡ hot sauce - snow keeps a rotation of various hot sauces in our pantry. he loves spicy food in general and loves to pick the perfect flavor pairing of hot sauce to each food we eat.

♡ pork - snow says he gets hungry for pork even just looking at a live pig.

♡ jelly donuts - we discovered early on that we both love the superior donut, jelly filled.

♡ cookies and cream candy bar - his favorite chocolate bar flavor, he also appreciates any snack cookies and cream themed.

♡ starbucks doubleshot - snow wouldn't be able to function without this drink. i've witnessed him drink 3 cans in one day.

♡ arnold palmer - i had no idea this existed before snow, but he loves it so much, he recently bought a spiked version he plans on trying soon.

♡ sweet tea - honorable mention, he grew up drinking this.

♡ peach flavored drinks - tea, pop, i bet he would even try peach milk. we both love to tear into a ripe, juicy peach. this gives me a massive boner.