websites i have bookmarked over the past decade

lots of my bookmarks are dead now, these are the memorable lone survivors - css div builder, very cheat-y but i support - generate color palettes from images - make your own font in your own handwriting, free version is limited but fun either way. you can download, print, scan then upload, or you can download, edit in krita or gimp or whatever free drawing program, then upload :D - vlog inspo - a collection of poetry accompanied by videos - text color fader lol idk how else to describe it - super simple newsletter service - long url i know but listen, this is a huge list of journal ideas that are actually different than other generic lists i've seen. also the main website is like a huge poetry library - botanical art archive, very extensive - an italian sailor moon fan page with SO MANY sailor moon images. lotsa rares - the link says it all but i'll reiterate, it's an extensive guideline on describing images (for accessibility) (archived) - why don't you click, drag and use keyboard arrows on - a program that you can use to "cloak" the style of your art before posting online that prevents ai from learning your art style

pages i found useful

discovered on neocities :)

koinuko's tut on deleting follow notifs - very helpful and clear tutorial on removing notifications from your neocities page :) it worked for me!

dimden's tut on not seeing posts in your neo feed when someone who you don't follow follows someone that you do follow - have not tested yet... but i might here soon lol

bechno's tut on using visual studio code with neocities - also haven't tested but this sounds amazing! my work flow is shit atm haha

omoulo's digital wellbeing toolbox - a link directory to help take care of yourself on the net

palemomo's tut on adding huge galleries to your site using vue.js - wow another thingy i wanna try but havent heheh but i have seen many people use this tutorial successfully!

ghostingpen's archive of journal prompts - an unbelievably long list of journal prompts

webdeck player - a music player for your website

my button

save this image, upload it to your host, and a href that shit!!

button wall

p much just my follow list on neocities, new buttons are grouped on top!

error button.exe not found

more people i follow but have no button or my undiagnosed adhd did not allow me to see it on my quest to gather all the other buttons. if youre in this list but you have a button, let me know!

♡ coalstocking ♡ theewe ♡ kyletools ♡ hugsqueeze ♡ sees ♡ wildbread ♡ mintyorca ♡ marciland ♡ troutglasses ♡ meixins ♡ zanscustomweavings ♡ fruitscones ♡ xxhalfemptyxx ♡ cherrycloudedchiffon ♡ royalblue ♡ robosethie ♡ tulpadrone ♡ runjumpreviews ♡ gummiguts ♡ gardenofviolet ♡ messienoobie ♡ sidrdds ♡ madipurdy ♡ ursidaes ♡ candlelitsmiles
♡ cara's art page ♡ scarabaeidae ♡ mochagatari ♡ fairything ♡ grays.wrld ♡ starcasita ♡ nostalplants ♡ chron's cave ♡ sofimon ♡ violetsoup ♡ starry eyed fishbones ♡ oh no it's noah ♡ ratatomic ♡ wichitalk ♡ dykemail ♡ qsue ♡ peanutpeanus ♡ nymphali ♡ eveningbells ♡ mincer ♡ never surrender ♡ reenah's corner ♡ cadaverouscrow ♡ julian's art ♡ fruitgarden ♡ fernhouse ♡ twunkizuku ♡ kaliedophilia ♡ blastdanger ♡ ellyland ♡ eviesrc ♡ des ♡ mermaidgrey ♡ apnet ♡ natashadraper ♡ poptartbox ♡ jlehr ♡ nardis ♡ sinnykit ♡ dubpistols ♡ katrinasgallery ♡ dawnvoid ♡ cybervirtues ♡ deadcity ♡ loafyloaf ♡ worldsaddress ♡ jan-seli ♡ caesar ♡ petitmort ♡ atheos ♡ erev ♡ thatonefish ♡ eclectic-library ♡ soapville ♡ dellguy ♡ kaa ♡ maunomau ♡ 3mutactics ♡ melchi0r ♡ beaniebaby ♡ yu-no ♡ pandem0nium ♡ eatingsandwiches ♡ yue ♡ aaronbunny ♡ nethicka ♡ lnnyfrnds ♡ waxwings ♡ dismebodiedlover