stardoll is a dressup website based in flash, where you have a doll (previously called medolls) and a suite that you can dress up and decorate. cabbage sorter had it right when they said you need a premium sub (superstar or loyalty membership status) to fart in this game. at no point in the history of the game has it been welcoming and accessible to newcomers who don't have a lot of real life money to put into the game. i joined stardoll in 2006 and stuck around one hundred percent out of dedication, always asking my family to buy me stardollars or membership, and now as an adult i am an extremely loyal player who spends my adult money on the game. i love stardoll to the grave, but i genuinely don't think signing up as a new user at this point would be very fun. if you have lots of money to spare, maybe lol. oh but you do need to download the launcher to play it, as it is a flash based game LMAO

what to do in stardoll

ok i'm not doing a great job talking it up in my shrine, so i'm going to pretend it's a cheap and accessible game. your doll is in your suite, which is a "home" to all of your rooms, clothes, and decor. your wardrobe holds your clothes and the storage holds your decor, and you drag and drop your items out of those storages to dress up your doll and decorate your rooms. to detail your doll even farther, you can enter your beauty parlor to edit the look of your doll; hair, face, jewelry, even nails for some reason. clothes can be bought from the current stores available in starplaza, and clothes that are no longer sold in starplaza can be bought from starbazaar, so long as asomeone is selling what you're after. many people collect new and old clothes in their wardrobes, buying all the new pieces in the plaza and searching bazaar for old collections. new collections are released roughly 3 times a week, and every now again a limited store pops up with limited-quantity or limited-time clothes/decor.

another way to spend your time on stardoll is socializing, which you can do in clubs, chat, messages & guestbook comments, and even outside of the website on stardoll blogs ran by very dedicated users. i tend to keep to myself other than being kind of active in the royatly club, a club open to members with royalty status.

so what's the "game"? how do you "play"? yea ima be real, there's not much to play. stardoll used to revolve around weekly celebrity dress up games (get it? star... doll) but they don't make those any more. those are all still there but i imagine most users ignore them or only use them as references for old clothing collections. there are other mini games that used to reward in game money (called stardollars haha) but again that is no longer a thing. there used to be a very dedicated roleplay community in various clubs, but even those have almost completely dissipated (rip).

the game now almost is entirely held up by those 3-times-a-week releases from staff, and user-designed items made in what's called stardesign. the stardesign community is a huge collective of mostly hair designers. very talented users use stardesign hair to piece together multi-part wigs, face features, and even full on clothes and accessories. they then sell those designs to users seeking more from than game other than what is on offer at the plaza.

another perspective of "play" on stardoll is the daily covergirl competition, as well as stardesign, album, and scenery comps. everyday a national covergirl is chosen for your country (if its active enough) and a site-wide covergirl is chosen as well. and then each year, around october, miss stardoll world is held over several weeks to select that year's most stylish, active, and probably richest user. i do not participate in aiming to win these competitions, but i do love to visit suites and vote for people.

i think that covers it pretty well so anyways on to me now lol

me & stardoll

like i said, i joined stardoll in 2006, when i was 11. i did have a couple older accounts but didnt remember the passwords to them lol. i am not kidding when i say i have logged into this game 90% or more days since i joined. my style has changed dramatically since i was 11 obviously, and i have a backlog of outfits i put together and suites i decorated throughout all of that time that shows that. i really don't have much else to say, i log in every day to the same old same old and have no idea what anyone would find interesting about that haha so let's get onto my actual doll!

current doll

current face & hair

♡ hair: designed by elzbietuke

♡ eyes: designed by exotly

♡ nose: designed by

♡ lips: 1st layer by chloelover & 2nd layer by lucita

♡ jewelry: nose bridge piercing by tomoe-

♡ other: listen ily but im not going to list the various items i'm using unless it's designed by another user lol

halloween 2022 lookbook

all of my halloween looks for 2022, newest first, hover for info!