my most favorite words

long at last, my favorite words. i kept a notepad txt file open on my laptop on the occasion that a word i like would pop into my head and i could write it down immediately. this list took longer than words i hate, which probably says something trivial but interesting about me and how my brain works

♡ fleeting - there's something about the t in this word that brings so much to the experience of saying it and imagining yourself fleeting. the t tiptoes in fleeting like i might myself, as i experience a fleeting emotion

♡ tertiary - again with the letter t absolutely carrying this word. i also tend to appreciate words with four syllables, three is fine but too few, and five is more than i can chew

♡ autoclave - i heard this word in a mythbusters episode and have been obsessed ever since. this word does for me what spiky leather bracelets do for others. that's as much as i'll elaborate

♡ twig - adorable nature word, just ten out of ten. i am sending the softest kiss on the cheek to whoever invented this word

♡ convoy - every year(ish) we go to my aunt's house for the fourth of july, then we drive to a local school to sit in the nearby field and watch fireworks. while we were driving back to her house one year, my brother said that this was his favorite part, the convoy of cars leaving the school and heading back to my aunt's. amazing

♡ fugue - my brother suggested this word when i told him im making a list of favorite words and he's so right

♡ coriander - my brother's friend suggested this word lol it's also great. my brother was annoyed (jokingly) that he had suggested a lot of words i only picked one, but the only word that his friend suggested made the list lol

♡ Saigon - there's something about this word that feels like it should be three syllables but it's not

♡ tabernacle - do i even have to explain? this is an amazing word. it's like the word pumpernickel but even better

♡ participle - i use this word at every god damned oppurtunity which is a difficult feat because how often do you find yourself talking about words formed from verbs??? not often enough