my least favorite words

if you use and like these words, this is not personal lol i'm just tired of being stuck in my own head about these words.

♡ blurb - i just hate saying this word. it's too bouba while it's definition is more kiki.

♡ romp - i am on a email list for ebook deals and i am very sick of seeing books described as romps. especially non-fiction. romp... to describe the experience of reading a book about history or something... no!!!

♡ pack - i have hated this word for a long time. i especially hate assonance involving this word. grab pack. snack pack. UGH i can't explain it i just hate it!!

♡ painkillers - just call it headache medicine or ibuprofen. i also don't like saying this word.

♡ rucksack - what in the hell is a ruck and why is it in a sack. what are you saying?? HATE

♡ trousers - you mean pants??? there are only two Rs in this word but it feels like five. maybe that's my accent but i hate saying this word.

♡ figurehead - every 17 year old boy's favorite word when they start to get into politics.

♡ card - ok i don't mind this word if you're referring to a business card or a gift card. anything you're calling a card that isn't one of those two specific things, telepathically is short circuiting my brain. PLEASE someone re-wire me.

♡ tidy - i have never tidied in my life. tidy. TIDY?? ugh just say clean!!

♡ snaps - the singular of this word is ok, snap. that's fine. or past tense, past particple: snapped. all good. just not plural tho.