my opinions on each season

i'm going to start with the fall because i hate it the most. i love halloween and drinking with my friends, i love buying my kids costumes and watching them exercise their manners asking for candy from neighbors as the cool sun sets, and i love watching the leaves turning colors slowly, capturing in the backgrounds of photos, piling them up and playing in them, crunching them under my sneakers. BUT i hate the fall. i hate the cold. maybe i'm just a frail, loose stocking caught in the wind, drifting to and fro, wishing to land and feel warm against someone's calf again. but i can't stand the cold. in my house or outside. i hate scarves. the sweater weather idea is a myth, it's too hot or too cold the entire season. i live in the midwest of the u.s. for reference. my favorite kinds of clothes are wispy tops and skimpy bottoms. i can't wear them in the fall unless i wanna shiver, vibrating at dangerous speeds, brain blended into cold, icy smoothie. i hate early on-set seasonal affective disorder. i do like pumpkin pie tho. and pumpkin spiced coffee, especially fast food beverages of the sort. anyways i hate spending a couple hundred dollars on supplies and clothes just for those supplies to be distributed among the classroom and the clothes to be fought over because my daughter also hates sweaters and jeans. the fall sucks and carving pumpkins is hard and no fun and the seeds make me gag. the worst part is, everyone loves the fall.

winter. you frigid bitch. if i could drag you out back and mercy kill you for the sake of humanity i would, so fast. i can't go out to eat without dying in the frozen iced-over parking lot. i can't enjoy a solid car ride to my family's home because it takes me 15 minutes to recover from stepping outside in the snow long enough to get into the car. i can't wear my favorite shoes because the road salt will crust over your boots, your jeans, your coat, and your loved ones if you look away even for just a second. ugh. and i don't know what evil science is at play that makes it so when i reach for my car door in the winter it zaps me nearly every time, but i despise it. winter even ruins science. i do enjoy picking out tree ornaments, seeing decorated houses, crumpling up a huge swath of wrapping paper into a ball to be stuffed into a bag full of other huge swaths of discarded paper. i love oven roasted ham. i enjoy standing outside watching snowflakes fall, gently placing themselves on the fuzzy fibers of my coat, glittering in the most delicate way, then melting from my body heat into a perfect little water orb for my coat to absorb. winter is ok.

spring is my favorite perhaps. i love watching buds form on tree branches, fresh green nubs livening up the branches. i love the rain, as long as it's warm outside i don't mind the shower. i can smell in my mind's nose the fragrance of pavement after a rainy spring morning. then midday as the clouds jaunt and dissapate, and the sun turns her head, a rainbow will arch over the skyline. my facebook and instagram feed are finally filled with images of things that matter, rainy porches and rainbows over freeways. i can wear a sundress with a hoodie and no one will think twice. i can wear flip flops and thin cotton jeans, lightly dragging the ground. my kids enjoy stepping into puddles, barefoot, soaking their thrifted clothes. i enjoy watching them learn about earth and physics with sensory play in those puddles and them mud and flowers cupping an ounce of fresh water. i'll go under a tree and ask my husband to shake it, i'll hold my hands out in a shrug with my eyes squeezed shut as the tree-scented water falls over me. i love seeing the floors of those who own dogs after they came in, a trail of muddy paws on the hardwood. i imagine they don't love that, but then i watch them hug their dog with a big, old and loved towel to ring them dry. the sunrises of spring are the best. the sun is a bit shyer in that season, a little less harsh, very welcome.

and summer. i love summer. i love it a lot. i think we're kind of conditioned to, if you had summers off of school your whole life. i do not tire of saying 'it's hot outside' when it is, in fact, hot outside everyday for three months. i can wear my shortest suggestions of shorts, my flimsiest clothes, and my bounciest of dresses. i love watermelons. if i were teleported to the inside of a watermelon planet, i would destroy that planet in raw carnal desire in no time flat, hydrated, satisified, and ready to die. i love swimming pools, it's the best way to lose track of time. i love feeling the uv rays penetrate my skin. i love food themed festivals. i love trails through parks. i love briskly walking my neighborhood, kid in tow, sweat forming in the impression of my spine under my shirt. i love jumping on a trampoline, looking directly up, only seeing large expanse of sky and pretending i'm entering the stratosphere. the sky is just bigger in the summer. the clouds soften the harsh blue sky. planes and lawn mowers are louder. convenient stores sell their coldest drinks on sale. and when the sun goes down, everything on one side is warm and yellow and bright, the other side cold, dusky, and a bit blue.

basically i suffer six out of twelve months of the year and live in absolute bliss during the other.