my opinions on fonts

♡ Helvetica - i don't mind it, but i read somewhere that the capital R in this font is distinct and now i can't unsee it, and i hate it.

♡ Times New Roman - i simply hate this font, its thin in all the weird places and thick in others. it gives me the same feeling of when i over-brush my curly/wavy hair, it just doesn't work

♡ Futura - she's no century gothic but i like this font. she helped me apply sunscreen, and gave me a bottle of water.

♡ Gill Sans - hate. the letters don't belong together

♡ Rockwell - pretty nice, and satisfying to look at.

♡ Georgia - i like this font at 8pt and italicized and that's it. it doesn't scale well for me

♡ Didot - love, but hate the numbers. especially 7.

♡ Courier New - love. even the ugly Q. courier listens to every detail of my stories.

♡ Verdana - cute, we love her, she borrows our things, takes care of them, and returns them timely.

♡ Tahoma - verdana's hot sister. she stole my lipgloss, i stole it back and i treasured it.

♡ Ariel - hate, and i can't place why. ariel gives opinions on matters of which they are not educated. annoying.

♡ Century Gothic - beautiful, beautiful baby, and perfect in every way. absolute star

♡ Impact - very handsome. cooks breakfast in bed for me. bought me a valuable gift. somehow doesn't get 5 o clock shadow. i appreciate this font.

♡ Monaco - yuck! ariel had a baby with courier new even tho they're way out of her league.

♡ Ubuntu - never misses casual jeans friday. i hate his water cooler jokes, but he shared his bag of chips once. solid guy

♡ Comic Sans - i associate this font solely with the Sims 1. i am completely neutral on this font, but i don't use it

♡ Cooper Black - finally, sone good fucking food. boy next door, pretends he didn't check me out while i bent over to pick up my purposefully dropped car keys.

♡ Papyrus - the creed of fonts