my favorite music!! i have much bigger plans for this page, such as favorite lyrics, and playlists etc, but for now, enjoy my favorites covers and live/acoustic versions of songs!!

favorite covers

this was easiest list to make; i love listening to other people cover other people's work, i think it really reveals how talented and ranged their voice is. i put this together in no time lol. i excluded super obvious ones like adele covering nicki's rap in monster even tho i enjoy that very much, i think there are some lesser known covers that i wanted to highlight and that i revisit often. they are in the order i remembered them in haha i didn't have a put together list until i started working on this page!

i am going to display the videos w a short height so this page isnt miles long, & some are not going to want to embed so it doesn't matter just click them to watch them on youtube ok love you enjoy

carla morrison covering creep by radiohead

she's a spanish speaker so you are going to graciously ignore how she mixed up the lyrics

aurora covering god is a woman by ariana grande

i love aurora, she did the sing-songy voice in frozen 2, and a song of hers went viral on tiktok. anyways shes amazing and this cover is mystifying

ariana grande covering nicki minaj's rap in ariana's song called side to side

skip to 2:17 idk i just liked hearing her cover nicki's rap lol did you know it's actually like, rude to cover a rap song? adam neely has a video about it here!

florence welsh covering not fade away by buddy holly

tbh i recommend listening to the original buddy holly song first if you're not familiar, just so you can hear how different they made it sound. also i love how early 2010's the vibe is in this video lol

jack black singing silent night

i don't even know what to write, i mean, jack black... ughhhhhh i love him. he's so fun and i hope he knows how hot he is. he probbaly knows. my body flushes with blood and feral lust when i watch him sing this innocent little xmas carol. jack black if youre reading this...

juliaplaysgroove covering what's the use by mac miller

she's this polish youtuber/bassist who uploads covers of songs of her riffing away on her bass, and this is the video that made me subscribe! i love listening, watching her navigate the frets and and command the strings, and off-handedly smile through the tough-but-fun bits. this brings me joy

francois petit covering people are strange by the doors

ok a weird one for you, but this french guitarist has me under his spell. he just plays his guitar and uploads sometimes, and i drift in and out of awareness listening to him sing in his french accent, and play his guitar with a bite i can't quite describe. i recommend all of his songs but i chose this one because my dad showed me the doors when i was little lol

william singe covering hotline bling by drake

i knooooow i said i wouldnt put anything obvious im so sorry but i love this cover very much and i have to put it here lol.

brianna hildebrand covering thank u, next by ariana grande

ok now that i have your trust, i will be providing links to instagram posts because the embed code is bloated as fuck. anyways! this is the person who plays negasonic teenage warhead from deadpool, and she's one of my many bi role models. i'm getting distracted lol here she is playing ukulele:

♡ brianna hildebrand covering thank u, next by ariana grande

rahul kohil covering psycho killer by the talking heads

i know him from izombie but he's in other stuff, anyways he's hot and of course he can play a few chords on a guitar so that a fool like me can like him just that little bit more. i love his raw honest singing here as well

♡ rahul kohil covering psycho killer by the talking heads

zooey dechanel and ben schwartz covering tonight you belong to me by patience and prudence

yes, you heard me right, the princess of twee and the voice of sonic singing over ukulele together. if you don't rest your head in your hands like a renaissance cherub while listening, you're doing it wrong

♡ zooey dechanel and ben schwartz covering tonight you belong to me by patience and prudence

adam neely covering king kunta by kendrick lamar

yes the same man who made a whole video about covering rap songs, covered a rap song... on his 5 string bass! he plucked along to the melody and cadence of kendrick's rap with his bass, and covered the background singers as well. he mentioned once that not a lot of women follow him which is weird to me. this man is adorable and nerdy what more do y'all want

♡ adam neely covering king kunta by kendrick lamar

brie larson covering my future eillish

i know quite a few people who don't like billie but can you spare a moment to hear brie larson (captain marvel) cover one of her songs? lol

♡ brie larson covering my future eillish

my favorite lives/acoustics etc.

here are songs that are lives and accoustic versions of the original, i included anything that i would rather listen to than the original, and again nothing obvious (like meet me at our spot by willow, we all know the live is better than the recording lol, requird reading status on that one)

lies by marina, acoustic

i love marina, she takes up a huge part of my soul. this song, this acoustic version specifically, makes me feel like a middle aged housewife who smokes cigarettes naked in her bathtub, resents her children, and has watched her husband fall out love with her for the past year. i do not relate to this experience at all LMAO but she is so good at nailing down a vibe

love save the empty by erin mccarley, acoustic

i remember finding erin mccarley on myspace (right before facebook became the main social media) and immediately absorbing her music into me as a core part of my personality. she sangs and plays how i would like to be talented enough to be one day. she glides her hand from barre chord to barre chord like it's nothing lol i want that for me

17 pink sugar elephants by vashti bunyan, interview session

i feel like more ppl know about vashti now, but if you dont, she's an acoustic artist from england who made beautiful singer songwriter music in the 60s, but didn't garner enough attention so she put down her guitar for years, until much later in 2000, when she re-released her music and became popular wth modern folk artists. she makes me feel like milk being stirred into piping hot coffee, cooling down and being lovingly drank from a favorite mug.

lullabye by priscilla ahn, live

a lot of people know her song dream, lovely song!! but my favorite is lullabye, and here she is singing it live, telling the story behind it, and being funny. i know this song backwards and forwards, i sing it every single time i shower or bathe, i sing it to my children, i hum it when i'm nervous, and at this point the melody is coded into my dna.

redbone by childish gambino, the making of by ludwig goransson

alright i know this isn't a live or acoustic version, but i love this video very much and i wanted to include it somehow. ludwig goransson is a very talented producer and i really enjoy watching him not only talk about the making of the song, but the influences, the technicalities, and how he just straight up recreates the entire song in front of us, playing the instruments and everything. entrancing

when the party's over by billie eillish, live interview

ok i saved this one for last because i know that at this point, again, most people are over billie lol. (as am i haha) BUT this version of this song made me tear up the first like, 20 times i listened to it. again i don't relate to the meaning of the song at all lol but it makes me feel small and curled up, seeking comfort in a crumbling world.