me me me me me.

i don't want to tell you my real name just yet but i'm 28, i'm a stay at home mom, and i uh. freakin wrote this thing. anyways. there are so many aspects about myself that i could write but i think the most relevant is that i spent years and years making websites, writing html and css, exploring websites, & making it my personality low key. i wasnt ever really good at it either, and you don't have to be. so i'm making this webpage all about me :D with blogs, maybe pictures, probably art, and a bit of real life honesty. you can dive a bit deeper on my mind heart body page.

a selfie i took jus for your eyes

i bought this light for me but now it's in my toddler's room, and i saw my shadow lookin soo cuute when i was putting him down for bed, that when he was asleep i snuck in to take some cool selfies hehehe :p