my cob-Web

arlita, what the fuck is a cob-Web?

i am so glad you asked so nicely, i made this term up (i'm not going to search if someone else did first so i dont get my feelings hurt) to describe your own personal timeline of how you have used the internet and computers throughout your life! websites, blogs, rpgs, chatrooms, etc. are part of my cob-web. cos cobwebs are dusty old spiderwebs and web is another word for internet... all those deadlinks connected to your massive carbon footprint from using computers all your life... it makes sense to me and i hope you enjoy browsing my gallery of my cob-web :)


i have been taking photos my whole life, but i only was able to start saving them into my own archive after i got my first digital camera, a nikon coolpix. my archive begins christmas 2008, and goes to today. this is where i found all of these pictures for you to ogle! i scaled them to 800x600 pixels, but have also cropped into some screens if you're nosy and want to feast your eyes on what we were doing on the computer. i have blurred the faces of myself and the people in my life who might be in these photos.

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there are no interesting images from 2008 lol. this was the first full year i had my camera and i took photos of EVERYTHING. everything. but this page is about my recorded history with computers, so that's what is before you. you can click each image to get a biiit closer, again, they are cropped to save space and page loading times. i will try to caption each image for context, and provide the links to the cropped images for extra-curious babes.

my little brother in the doll palace avatar chat, if you know you know

♡ crop

brother again; you're gonna see this nerd a lot lol. early poptropica!! you may have begun to notice the two computers next to each other. good eye. this was how it always was and still is at my parents home. 2-3 working computers, sometimes a 4th taking up real estate on the dining room table as a little project my dad was working on.

♡ crop

me hugging the computer monitor playing disney fairies. WHY did they shut this website down??

♡ crop

my piczo!!! and my front page pic was me and my puppy kissing me :p also the argyle... the forgotton omni-present mid-00s pattern.

♡ crop

my friend and brother online. her piczo was twilight themed, it was truly a thing of glory. i was a perfectionist with my piczo, not wanting to really crowd my page. she was not. and i admire her for that. and i have no idea whatmy brother is up to. also yes, i am from ohio... how did you know?

♡ crop 1 ♡ crop 2

no idea in the world what's going on but vibes right??

there they are, all three lined up! one i believe is running ubuntu. ah, the comforting shade of fleshy-orange.

♡ crop 1 ♡ crop 2

angle #2

angle #3, my dad no longer smokes, very proud to say

my brother playing blackjack on gaiaonline! he was very heavily into this game, i might ask him if i can share his avis, he has lots of cool old items.

♡ crop

another version of my piczo site! i was trying to crowd things up more lol. the black box on the picture is me censoring my name. i have a very plain, white girl midwest name, but i dont wanna say it yet. also that fucking jumping rainbow llama thing had me in a GRIP bro. i love that motherfucker

my desk! very mid/late 00s. i wish i still had that little green music player, i had so many web graphics saved to it, and i would flip through them for fun. as you can see, i was bloggin! i have been blogging since i first learned how to.

angle #2 different day. my favorite color is yellow. ok, look closely at the top of the monitor, fourth item. that is a lego skeleton horse! i stole it from my brother. yoink bitch

who remembers it was my only source of music. youtube couldnt compare. i would f12 and rip the music to my little green music player. this playlist is still a bop. like a boy by ciara, the song and music video, made me bisexual.

old youtube! and my favorite flapjack episode. i want to get a tattoo of the skymain from this episode but i'm poor and big pansy when it comes to pain. ok, open your peepers and look at the reflection in the glass: a box fan in my bedroom window which is just a view of the siding of the next house over... americacore.

if your house has never looked like this, we can't be friends. im jk but anyone who has lived like this... green flag tbh. a million dollars says two of those computers are servers.