short mundane clips, and vlogs! all recorded and edited by me, enjoy :p

bird conversation

bird conversation

observation vlog 5

my husband, my lovely adorable glossy eyed husband who is absolutely over-flowing with amazement and wonder, came running into the house after work, to announce as if it were an emergency, that the sunset was particularly beautiful. which is was! i'll prob post photos in a blog at some point

2022 travel vlog day 2 (day trip to see niagara falls)

day two on our trip we spent a whole day driving up to new york to see niagara falls! some commentary here and there :) & not captured, i ate at a CHECKERS instead of a RALLY'S!!

moon rise, unedited

it took a little over 5 minutes for the moon to rise unobstructed by trees and here is that unedited video! i also kept the audio in lol so enjoy our commentary

2022 travel vlog day 1 (trip to see tha stars)

the first day of my trip with my husband, lots of hills and trees, some cute commentary

observation vlog 4

some birds bathing in a gutter, recorded on my camcorder! no audio because my family was talking lol

observation vlog 3

my brother's cat named lintball! the most perfect cat in the universe

observation vlog 2

just a clip of a loud bird lol

observation vlog 1

a video of clips i took on my camcorder while i was on a walk