i am not good at art but damn do i love drawing o.o i am better at photography but i wanna share more my more experimental stuff here. hover over images for info! i sorted them a lil unconventionally, hang with me. images are grouped together horizontally (therefor scroll right to see more) and scroll down to see more 'groups' of images (calling them series would be quite bold)

cringetober 2023

i found this amazinggg art prompt list for october on tumblr called cringetober and the prompts are all cringey tropes!!!!1 you click this sentence to go to there 😌 and NO u can not know my tumblr i am unknowable. well unless u know it but shh. ee im high. the images & little thoughts i write abt them will be newest first

day 3 I SKIPPED so day 4 - angel x demon

i got so caught up in the pose and pairing that i just lazily doodled the angel and demon part last LMAO!!!!!

day 2 - self insert

i have drawn a few self insert things before but just the self never the insert lolll. its fun to draw urself in the style of a specific kind of media it just is!!!!! look at me it's like i'm there!!!! ok i did two today, one is steven universe and the other is animal crossing. if you've seen SU you know abt the zoomans BUT. if u dont, they are humans that live in a zoo on a distant planet once run now abandoned by pink (a member of the great diamond authority). uh they live there as pets. she. she put them there to keep as pets. yes this is all still steven universe. ok the humans there are born there and die there, and do not know they are from earth. they have earrings that act as the communication system from the gems in charge of them. again they are ignorant of their closed off lives so they have no idea who runs the place and they don't care lol. the plot of my fav episode we see the zoomans in IS: steven and greg (his dad) find themselves at the zoo and spend the day swimming and getting flowers braided into their hair THEN in the evening steven and greg are ushered into a circle with the zoomans and the little voice (from the earrings) tells them j10 (my fave zooman!!!!) and greg are matched up (choosened [thats how its worded in the show]). j10 is vvv excited to be matched w greg but greg explains how match making is done on earth (free will). after learning this the zoomans all choose greg (i wld too. that's a lie i'd choose j10). but greg then explains he has free will as well and rejects every single zooman, which thoroughly upset them. um then the episode resolves lmao. it's season 4 ep 13 & 14 (i described 14 but also watch 13 lol) if u NEED to see it but i think i described it perfectly ANYWAYS how did i get here?? i kind of have to pee but lemme finish what i was writing lmao ok so i drew myself as a zooman from stven universe PHEW. we did it boys. then i drew myself as an animal crossing rabbit but it's incomplete idk if i'll share it ^-^

day 1 - heterochromia

i am late to day one because i found it on day four 😇 idk how i'll catch up or if i even will or whateva we'll jus see what happens. anywayys um i drew this somehow? i got good at art this year. the first sentence on this page was written when i made this website lmao and i was not very good at art. but i think it's good ??